The Benevolent Side Hustle: Become a PSLF Ambassador


If you’re well-networked or influential with: 1) Student loan borrowers

and/or 2) Non-Profit organizations in health, family/social services, Universities and public and charter schools.


In 2007, Congress created a little-known (at the time) program called Public Service Loan Forgiveness, which forgives student loan balances for borrowers who work in Public Service roles for a total of 10 years.

This program has received much media attention over the past 18 months, as its requirements were relaxed, resulting in about $45 billion in total loan forgiveness for 650,000 borrowers… and growing.

Today, PSLF has an additional 1.3 million borrowers in the queue, with average debt of $100k.

While this number has grown, it should likely be upwards of 3-4 million enrollees, as there are about 35 million jobs in the US that qualify.

The PSLF Ambassador Program aims to close this gap by enlisting influencers in their respective networks to spread awareness and resources.

BENELEVATE: “Do meaningful work, live debt-free.”

BenElevate has built a set of tech-enabled tools to help borrowers maximize their savings opportunity and maintain compliance with the program requirements.

We offer educational resources, fee-based student loan assessments, and an enterprise solution for employers.

As you’ve probably heard, about 30 million borrowers are scheduled to go back into repayment later this summer after a three-and-a-half year payment hiatus.

We are onboarding ambassadors this summer in our specific areas of focus: Health, Family & Social Services, Universities, and Public & Charter Schools. Become a PSLF Ambassador today, and get your benevolent side hustle on!

Student Loan Forgiveness Ambassadors

You won’t believe the impact you’ll make in some lives; in many cases, you’ll help drive $100k+ student loan balances down to $0. It is happening everyday… but it should be happening more.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Invite student loan borrowers of $25k+ into our platform directly and by sharing our resources within your professional and social networks.
  • Set up web-based presentations for employers, schools and associations.


  • Presentations scheduled: $150 each
  • Borrower PSLF assessments: 25% royalty on fees generated by unique ambassador code

Apply by email to jason@benelevate.com with your qualifications.