What is PSLF?

PSLF stands for Public Service Loan Forgiveness. It’s a federal program that forgives student loan balances for people who work in non-profit or government jobs for 120 total months.

There are currently 1.3 million people enrolled in the program and, while this number is growing rapidly, it should be significantly higher.

Many borrowers applying for PSLF are being denied today, which is no surprise to those of us who have been tracking the program and its requirements since 2010. In fact, PSLF forgiveness granted has grown over 1100% over the past year.

We are here to simplify the details of PSLF for you and, where appropriate, help you find qualifying employment… whether you’re already pursuing PSLF and seeking a new employer, you’ve recently graduated, or you’re simply looking to become student debt-free in 10 years.


Qualifying Loans

Your loans MUST be Direct Federal Stafford, GradPLUS or consolidation loans.

Qualifying Repayment Plan

An Income-Driven Repayment plan will deliver the most value for most PSLF candidates.

Work Full-time for ANY Qualifying Employer

Qualifying employers are any federal, state or local government or agency, as well as any 501(c)3 organization.

PSLF Timeline


Congratulations! Time for an opportunity assessment.

Consolidate & Enter Income-Driven Repayment Plan (IDR)

Consolidation is often helpful to simplify PSLF tracking and can increase the value of loan forgiveness. Once you’ve started making qualified payments towards PSLF, consolidation is no longer appropriate, as the new loan could require you to start the 10 years over again.

Begin PSLF-Qualified Work

Direct employment by a 501(c)3 organization, or any federal, state or local government or agency qualifies. There are currently 35 million qualifying jobs in the U.S.!

Complete Employment Certification Form (ECF) Annually

This isn’t mandatory, but it should be. Here’s the form.

IDR Renewal Every 12 months / Review Profile and Legislative Changes
Apply for PSLF