As PSLF participation and availability grows, more and more schools are including education about PSLF in their exit counseling sessions. Invite us to speak with your graduates during or near exit counseling to explain exactly how the PSLF program works.


is available to host in-person and web-based live information sessions to ensure that your graduates are fully informed about the PSLF program and its requirements. Our founder, Jason DiLorenzo, has been speaking at graduate schools for over 10 years on the complex and evolving topic of student loans and the Advisory he founded, DWOQ, has helped position over $1.5 billion in PSLF savings to date.

We offer both in-person and live webinars:

In-Person Session:

$1500 + travel expenses

Live Webinar including Q&A (60-90 minutes) : $500

A recording of the webinar will be made available for 6 months after the session

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