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Jeanett, Interlochen Center for the Arts

“I wanted to share the good news with you. My student loans have finally been forgiven!!! If there is any way that I can support your business and “give back” for the encouragement you provided – PLEASE let me know!!!!”

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HR Director

“The scenarios that highlighted the debt to income ratio and whether it is even worth pursuing [PSLF] were incredibly helpful. I have never quite heard it framed that way, but it was so clear.”

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Recruiter & PSLF Candidate

“Not only did I learn I qualify as a 30hr/week employee, which I previously thought had to be 40 to be considered full-time, but I was also able to immediately use the information this morning during a virtual college recruitment fair to promote the benefits of our program.”

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Non-Profit Hospital Recruiter

“This was incredibly informative and provided some different ideas on how to maximize PSLF as a recruitment tool.”

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HR Manager

“Finally, a resource dedicated to this complex and misunderstood program!”