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COVID-19 Federal Stimulus Package: How It Impacts Student Loans

By Presidential Executive Order, the halt of accruing interest and payments loans has been extended out to 12/31/2020. The extension applies only to the same...
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Dept of Ed Reports 350% Growth in PSLF Granted

The Dept of Education released its most updated report of PSLF activity and, from June 2019 to June 2020, tax-free loan forgiveness granted grew from...
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Student Loan Marketplace Update | July 2020

If you're not enrolled in an Income-Driven Repayment Plan and pursuing Public Service Loan Forgiveness just yet, this update may be a bit technical for...
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5 Student Loan Actions to Consider After Graduation

If you're finishing school with significant student debt, and preparing to begin work during these trying times, rest assured that you're not alone... and that...
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Just how many 501c3 non-profit jobs are out there?

We're so glad you asked! The US Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that in 2016, there were 12.3 million 501c3 jobs in the US. To...
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Marriage, Taxes & Student Loans

Guest post from DWOQ, February, 2020 http://dwoq.wpengine.com/marriage-taxes-and-student-loans/
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You may have seen that President Trump just signed into law the FUTURE Act, and you’ll likely be hearing more about this into the New...
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Navient’s Deceptive Practices Explained in New Report

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Over 1 Million Borrowers are Making Approved Payments for PSLF

We couldn't think of more appropriate news to introduce benelevate.com to the world! We're the nation's first job platform connecting PSLF-qualified employers with graduate professionals who are...
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